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Diflucan is used for treating and preventing certain yeast and fungal infections.

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Diflucan 150 mg 2 capsules once a day (or 250/day for infants) 300 mL water in the morning, and 250 mL water at night. (Children should not be fed more than 2 g of this vitamin to their breastfed infants, even if it is fortified.) The recommended dose for infants of all ages is 200 to 300 mg once daily. A special precaution for patients with diabetes mellitus or hypoglycemia: The use of lactose-free formula should be carefully tested before it is given to any patient with a documented history of pancreatitis or hypoglycemia. Protein powders One should use a whey or casein mixture fortified with either l-lactose or fructooligosaccharide, not whey isolate a lactose-fructooligosaccharide combination. (Powder made of whey protein isolate may be useful because the lactitol content does not require processing.) A small amount of fructooligosaccharides (1 g has been suggested) may be added to the whey mix in order to replace the missing protein. addition of l-lactose, however, should not be used except when the whey and casein mixture already contains 0.5 g of l-lactose or greater. Whey protein isolate concentrates are also useful to replace the missing protein in a powder. But whey is very good source of essential amino acids, whereas protein concentrates are only partially digestible, and therefore not a suitable supplement; it is thus not recommended when the protein content is less than 10% of the total, and it is advisable to choose a whey protein concentrate. One should also avoid using a protein concentrate. The lactose source should have following characteristics: It is a milk based product in concentrated form or whey protein isolate. Its protein content is not less than 15%. In other words, it should have the same percentage of protein as whey, Diflu 2mg $76.57 - $0.85 Per pill and should not be less than 15 g of protein per 100 food. It is of suitable quality from the manufacturer. protein component should be stable and not rancid. The nutritional composition of a protein concentrate should meet the requirements of a lactose-fermented food and not contain any lactic acid-type substances. Whey protein concentrate This preparation of milk protein in which the lactose has been removed from the liquid is particularly advantageous for the lactose-fermented dairy product due to its high concentration of casein and oligosaccharides, which are known to contain a high proportion of lactose. It has an excellent flavour and protein quality. If lactose is used as a source for protein at all, it must be free of lactose. Whey protein concentrate is widely used due to its excellent nutritional characteristics and low cost. Whey protein isolate While the protein content of a concentrate is usually only 15%, whey protein isolate or a concentrate with less than 10% whey may be used as a substitute. Whey protein isolate is an excellent source of essential amino acids and protein, is therefore not to be used as a lactose source by anyone not allergic to caseins. L-lactose L-lactose is not a lactose-fermented milk protein (although it does contain lactic acid-type substances). It may be used as a substitute for whey protein concentrate in an appropriate liquid whey concentrate. L-lactose contains 20% of glucose by weight (with the exception of 1 g glucose, 3 h after ingestion, which its concentration increases to 23% glucose by weight). Since less than 10% of whey contains lactose, the addition of 1 g.

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